Any successful new implementation of Perl5 will need to address the fact that 50% of CPAN modules use or depend on XS. The C-extensions are tied to the guts of current perl interpreter are by no means an small effort that the community will need to invest to port existent distributions over a new interpreter.

Usually when dealing with unreliable, slow services or both the most common answer is to either to increase the number of times you retry or increment timeout values. Both solutions would make your application slower and might have the following impact in your business:

  • Reduce customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the number of TPS your application can handle
  • Increment your exposure to a DoS attack
  • Increment operation costs

I’m working in a communication protocol between a custom hardware and an application to configure that device. Unfortunately this device lacks of a TCP/IP stack so I’m basically forced to work through a serial interface.

Gtk+ its an awesome toolkit, cross platform, cross language it is all great but the documentation is terrible specially on scripting language’s side. Basically if you want to get anything done you have to browse the official (yet incomplete) documentation, StackOverflow questions, blogs and even so you may not be able to find the answer for your problem.